Bonnie’s Tee Party

bonnies t-party

This page will be updated with links as the tees are introduced in the Facebook group. You can also use the categories in the right hand column to find additional tees to purchase. All tee purchases made on this website whether through this page or the shop categories will be credited to Bonnie’s party account for the duration of her party.

Theme Mix #1: Summer/Beaches

Beach Bum
Life is Better at the Beach
Beach Chair
One Beach at a Time
Beach Life
Shorelines & Tanlines
Salt Water Heals Everything
Salty Lil Beach

Theme Mix #2: Camping/Lakes/Rivers

River Junkie
Sun Rays
Burning Calories
Take the Scenic Route
Camping Girl
Camping Vibes Only
Dogs & Hiking
Heart Camping

Theme Mix #3: Bands/Song Lyrics/Biker

Dream On
Drift Away
Mama Tried
She's a Good Girl
Tequila Sunrise
Johnny Cash
Whisper Words

Theme Mix #4: Mom Life/Hearts/Sarcasm

Mom Life
Don't Test Me
Mom Life Bun
Wish a Heifer Would
Mom Sunflower
Sunshine Hurricane
Coffee Sarcasm Lipstick
TN Love

Theme Mix #5: Animals/Wildlife/Scenic

Gold Fox
Dogs Never Lie About Love
Sunshine Hurricane
Adventure Scenic
Life is a Beautiful Ride
Turn N Burn
Dogs and Hiking

Theme Mix #6: Farm/Country/Fall/Halloween

trick or treat
Trick or Treat
Farm Life
Halloween pals
Fall Apple
Forget The Glass Slipper
witches be crazy
Witches Be Crazy
Fall Is My Favorite
witches with hitches
Witches with Hitches
Country Roads
Dark Desert Highway
Favorite Scary Movie

Theme Mix #7: Religious/Inspirational

But God
Be a Daisy
Amazing Grace
Sunflower Mess
Not Perfect Just Forgiven
Fearfully made
Choose to Chance the Rapids
Thankful and Blessed