Screen Printing

We offer screen printing services under limited circumstances, which include:

  • Special Events or Occasions: We may offer screen printing for specific events or occasions (e.g., corporate conferences, trade shows, or promotional events) for customized merchandise like T-shirts, bags, or promotional items.
  • Custom Orders or Limited Editions: We might limit screen printing services to customized orders or limited edition runs, including printing unique designs, personalized artwork, or a specific quantity of items.
  • Charitable or Nonprofit Fundraising Initiatives: We may also offer Screen printing services for raising funds for a specific cause or community project.

We may also offer screen printing services for the following limited reasons:

  • Seasonal or Themed Campaigns: We may offer screen printing services for seasonal or themed campaigns under limited circumstances, such as holiday-themed merchandise during a specific time.
  • Collaborations or Partnerships: Screen printing services may be limited to collaborations or partnerships with other businesses, artists, or organizations, including printing exclusive designs for a joint venture.
  • Experimental or Test Runs: We may offer screen printing services for test runs of new designs or products to gauge the market demand before a full-scale production.
  • Prototype Development: We may offer screen printing services to create prototypes for product development.
  • Limited Resources or Capacity: We may offer printing services under limited circumstances due to resource constraints or limited production capacity.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more details!