About Us

ThreadBent is an eclectic boutique with handcrafted and customized products. 

For the love of thread art in all its forms

ThreadBent was born in 2019 with a plan to change the future one seam at a time. Teri began working with embroidery and added new bags to her growing sewing collection. With her daughter in tow, the pair began selling items at craft fairs around town.

The future was looking good. Little did we know what 2020 had in store for us.

2020: In May 2020, with in person events cancelling due to the pandemic, we moved things online with our Etsy shop. Later that year, we opened a second Etsy shop for our t-shirt line and named it Teri’s Tees. Not too long after, we began holding Tee parties from the updated website and we started to see an end to the pandemic. A few in person craft events moved forward with plenty of social distancing and hand sanitizer.

2021: We can’t wait to see what is next! We hope to see you online or in person soon!

Thread art: Teri’s made up term for the various types of embroidery, sewing, and crochet work she does.


Bent (n): a natural talent or inclination 


ThreadBent: Teri’s made up name for the art of bending thread through embroidery, sewing, crocheting, etc.