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Happy New Year! To start the new year off right and welcome 2024 with a bang, I thought it was about time I introduced myself. I’m Teri and I own ThreadBent, a small embroidery studio in Smith County, TN.

My studio boasts of three industrial embroidery machines, a sublimation printer, a commercial heat press, limited screen printing supplies, a vinyl cutting machine, and my sewing machines (standard, serger, and cover stitch). A few of the fun things that I can do in my studio include:

I have devoted most of my time between my full-time job and raising my family. In my spare time, I have created fun items and enjoyed offering them to the community both online and through local craft shows both in and around the community. I have enjoyed the journey of bringing my little business to life and being blessed by my followers and supporters.

I’m also in the brainstorming phase for offering one or more of the following classes or hangouts once I can secure a location:

New Classes

Let’s welcome 2024 and make it the best year yet! Hit me up with things you’d like to see me carry; with classes you’d like to see me offer; or to help me find a great location for my studio!

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I would love to know your thoughts! Please click the button below to go to my class interest survey. What classes would you like to see offered, and what days, times, and locations?

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